Official certifications

For several years, Datakit has been officialy recognized by the major CAD software companies. This recognition enabled Datakit to consolidate its presence by their distributors, who are mainly belonging to the fields of design, CAD/CAM, visualization and animation.

Datakit is a member of the 3D PDF Consortium: a community of software providers, systems integrators, government agencies, and businesses dedicated to achieving 3D ubiquity by leveraging the PDF platform.
Datakit participates in the work of the AFNOR/CP IDMI (commission in charge of the standardization of engineering data and models for Industry) in contact with the ISO (especially ISO TC 184).
This allows Datakit to be involved in the evolution of technical exchange standards (especially STEP).
Label High Technology Made In France
Datakit is certified "High Technology Made In France", highlighting its technological expertise and the quality of its software entirely created in France.
In France, Datakit is a member of the Micado association, whose role is to develop the use of reliable tools and processes to improve industrial product launch and life.
Datakit is a SolidEdge « Voyager Partner ».
Datakit is a SOLIDWORKS « GOLD Partner ».
Datakit still goes on to study in details the evolution of the Step norm. It is involved in different associations dedicated to this neutral exchange format (Cax-if, PDES, AFNOR…).
In relationship with a specialist of tesselation, Datakit's team commits to finding ways to get round precision and topology issues frequently encountered in STL. The result is an efficient STL format, irrespective of the actual quality of the CAD source model.