Employees at Datakit

  • include young graduates and more experienced professionals.
  • Most continue their careers at Datakit simply because they like the job and the company. They help it to evolve, and they evolve along with it.
  • are mainly computer engineers at the master's level and above who are passionate about their profession as research developers, and in contact with demanding and knowledgeable international users.
  • In marketing, sales and internal support roles, the employees help to spread Datakit technology all over the world.
  • all participate in the organisation's effectiveness and success.
  • like to work independently while benefiting from the community and contributing to its success.
  • benefit each year from the redistribution of at least 25% of the company's profits.
  • enjoy a flexible working environment that allows them to balance their professional and personal lives.
  • also have access to many material advantages.
  • are mostly associates of the SCOP* who help to determine its overall orientation, validate general policies, and make future-oriented decisions together.
    (*Cooperative and participatory company)

To apply at DATAKIT

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from Julie, Thomas, Frédéric, Clément

3D Engineering Project Manager
Datakit Pivot

Datakit for exchanges with software developers

Julie joined Datakit in the late 1990s and contributed to the creation of the very first Datakit solutions, then to the foundations of the SDK (software development kit) integration method offered to publishers. Today, she is the preferred point of contact for the development teams of our publisher clients and ensures that they fully understand the test and integration tools available to them.

Datakit for the intelligence of collaborative work

While each business requires specific CAD data (measurement tolerances, CAM features, etc.), Datakit solutions draw on a unified programming model to facilitate integration, support and updating. This is where the importance of the collective comes into play in achieving the company's objective through the shared intelligence of all. "This way of working depends on everyone's cooperation, and is an implicit value of Datakit that makes all the difference not only in our work environment, but also in our relations with our customers"

Development engineer
Expert work and a passion for code

Datakit for long-term projects

Thomas was recruited after completing a Master 2 internship in "Image, development and 3D technology". Today, he considers himself fortunate to be able to work intensely on a growing project over the long term: "managing more and more elements, developing new modules, consolidating models, solving customer problems and implementing my knowledge in a software solution is a real point of pride."

Datakit to develop new conversion tools

At Datakit, Thomas works on 3D and 2D readings and manages a cross-functional project involving multiple software systems. What Thomas likes is to work with raw data, to immerse himself in the construction of a piece of code not only to understand its architecture, but also to define and build additional modules in collaboration with the R&D team. This deciphering work leads to solutions that facilitate the exchange of 3D and 2D CAD files with all of their graphical and semantic data.

3D Engineering Project Manager
18 years of enthusiasm and expertise at Datakit

Datakit to meet challenges

Since his arrival at Datakit, Frédéric has been the founding craftsman of several new libraries and modules to complement existing libraries. He also develops tools to automate certain operations and ensure an impeccable level of quality for new versions. “Years of experience have taught us what automation and safeguards to put in place to control and optimise our solutions.”

Datakit for math

As a geometry in space enthusiast, Frédéric also loves manipulating bytes and working at a low level to write the best possible code. He regularly supervises Master's trainees to whom he transmits his interest in modelling, shares his experience and exchanges ideas with newcomers about their approaches to programming.

Development engineer
Working in a highly technical field

Datakit for Research and Development work

Clément contacted Datakit on the recommendation of one of his friends from the Master 2 programme in "Image; 3D development and technology" and immediately embraced the "Datakit" spirit at a company where the notions of personal commitment and collaboration on shared projects come to life on a daily basis. "When working on reading a new format, the challenge is to understand how the files work and what the software developers wanted to do. The work involves both research, with certain similarities to archaeology, and the responsibility to complete the project."

Datakit for the interest of CAD professions

A passionate video gamer, Clément discovered the range of professions connected to CAD when he joined Datakit. These rich and varied fields offer a broad playground where he can put his taste for data interpretation into practice: "real deductive work that requires analysis, an exchange of best practices among developers, and a long-term vision for the project."