Technical Data Exchange, for a long time

In 1992, Francis CADIN, a young computer and mechanical engineer, noticed that the ongoing development of CAD was producing a proliferation of software solutions that generated files with high added value, but that were very difficult to use from one design office to another.
From his apartment in Lyon, he soon developed his first converters, then founded Datakit. He was quickly joined by two developers, both passionate about this new profession and the challenge of accurately and completely reading files so that they can be used by all the different software used in the industry. The concept of interoperability was born, and continued to evolve to meet the growing demand for converting an ever-increasing number of CAD formats.
Step by step, Datakit conversion tools became a productivity accelerator and a guarantee of high-quality conversion for the design offices of subcontractors, equipment manufacturers or prime contractors. In parallel, a growing number of software companies began integrating Datakit technology into their applications. Freed from conversion problems, they could focus 100 % of their energy on developing innovative solutions in the world of 3D design.

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Independent and for a long time

A diverse range of applications

With the deployment of 3D to all company departments in the 2000s, CAD data exchanges began to multiply, extending to related applications in the design office, (calculation, machining sequences, control, rendering, ...).

The fields of application of Datakit's converters and data extraction tools then followed this evolution in a constant effort to extract more and more information from native files: : not just geometric data, but also semantic data (PMI, features, metadata, etc.).

From the moment BIM first emerged, Datakit was therefore involved alongside construction and building vendors. A challenge : to support sharing of structured and reliable information throughout the building or infrastructure lifespan, from their design, and their construction, to their, operating, and maintenance phase.

Today Datakit converters are integrated into hundreds of 3D engineering software tools. They are used all over the world in design offices working in : CAD, Design, Manufacturing, Visualisation, Rendering, Simulation, Prototyping, Measurement, Control, Construction, Modelling and more.

Commitment to standardisation of 3D formats

Datakit are experts in the conversion of "proprietary" files and a historical player in standardisation. Datakit actively participates in the work of forums on formats (Implementor forum of the LOTAR-NIST group) STEP, 3D PDF : ISO. The company is a member of AFNOR (Association Française de NORmalisation, France's ISO and CEN member body) and works closely with major players in computer-aided design around the world.

Independent and for a long time

In 2015, Francis CADIN ensuredthe sustainability of his business by passing it on to his employees.

Since then, the company has continued to grow, always in service of interoperability, with a range of offerings adapted to the technological and economic challenges of its partners established throughout the world.

The research and development centre concentrates Datakit's energy in a single place. It is the heart, lungs and brain of the company, constantly improving our technology to extract ever more data from the source files, and stay abreast of the latest software developments. The administration, management, marketing and sales departments contribute to spreading Datakit technology all over the world.

Today, Datakit is a strong and independent company. Its economic model is solid, its financial situation is good, and its teams and methods continue to grow stronger.

Most of the employees are shareholders of the company. They are particularly involved in client projects, as well as in the company's strategic orientations.

Datakit regularly hires young graduates or more experienced professionals. To join us for a long-term paid internship, or a for a job, contact us!