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Datakit provides integrated plug-ins for the following softwares. It can import or export different formats in the concerned software.


  • ACIS
  • CATIA V4 2D
  • CATIA V4 3D
  • CATIA V5 2D
  • CATIA V5 3D
  • CGR
  • Creo View
  • DWG / DXF 3D
  • Fusion 360
  • IFC
  • IGES
  • Inventor
  • JT
  • Navisworks
  • Parasolid
  • ProE / Creo Parametric 3D
  • Revit
  • Rhino
  • Solid Edge 3D
  • STEP
  • UG NX 2D
  • UG NX 3D


  • CATIA V4 3D
  • CATIA V5 3D
  • CGR
  • FBX
  • glTF
  • JT
  • Parasolid
  • PDF 3D
  • UG NX 3D

By essence a plug-in is linked to the software for which it was designed. It is not sufficient on its own. Consequently to use CROSSCAD/PLG users must run a license for the software on the same workstation. Plug-ins require the same environment and resources than the software.
The current demand in native interfaces is clearly rising.
DATAKIT solutions, 100% compatible with the software they are designed for, are capable of reading all native CAD files produced by the major CAD software solutions. They regularly benefit from updates to match all the latest versions integrated within the software.

Among the different plug-ins, Rhino and SolidWorks plug-ins are very popular among their user communities. Plug-ins dedicated to 3dsmax, Alibre, Opencascade and ThinkDesign are also available.

Rhino plug-ins are based on Datakit’s topological model and fully support the new functions in Rhino 4.0 for creating and editing solids with deformation capabilities. Users enjoy all the advantages of tools that transfer native geometric data and also manage the links between these geometries, while enabling users to work from exact solids similar to those supplied by the source software.
All the converters have the same menu from which users simply open and import files and also access advanced options defining how the file will be processed: “write a solid, or a wireframe or b-rep representation of the solid”. The b-rep option will generate a closed solid.

This current generation of plug-ins brings another new feature: the processing of assemblies with a specific focus on Parasolid and Catia V4*. The ‘see assembly tree’ option immediately displays the assembly structure and facilitates selection of the file(s) for translation.

For Catia V4*, the whole of the assembly in the session.session file and all the external links available in the part file (.session) are displayed. This enables users to access the file and the ditto.
Special attention has also been given to improving control of entity positioning in different coordinate systems, processing visible and masked entities, and the choice of filters.

To optimize automatic file transfer, a batch mode is now active with all licenses purchased after the trial period. Time is saved by directly selecting a whole directory to be processed along with its sub-directories. This leaves users free to choose the directory in which they want to save their conversions.

The Rhino dealer network will be progressively shipping these plug-ins to give their user communities the opportunity to discover the exciting new functions.

Datakit’s SW plug-ins, with their unique depth of capability, have become favourite of the SolidWorks community. These tools enable users to transfer a wealth of native data: 2D, 3D, geometric, topological, attributes, construction history, FD&T and Features with a wide choice of control parameters addressing specific user needs (choice of coordinate system, entity filtering, etc.) Users have all the assembly tree preview functions to help and choose the level at which they want to open the elements they are interested in. Different filters are also available.

Users generally appreciate tools that are easy to implement and use. Datakit’s plug-ins data avoid any complication. They enable sub-contractors to communicate directly with their clients and deeply enrich their product’s interoperability. They are affordable and very popular within design and engineering departments.

When purchasing a plug-in, users benefit from 3 months guarantee including updates and upgrades (except optional ones). Then, a yearly maintenance contract is proposed for a 15% of the plug-in public price.

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