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November 15, 2019

Software Development Engineers

Datakit is looking for Software Development Engineers.

These jobs consist in the development and implementation of new modules that expand the DATAKIT API.
These will require :
- Writing the technical specifications. - Designing modules.
- Being in charge of the phases of development, testing and user support.
- Participating in the development of internal techniques and tools.

Qualifications :
- Experience with C / C + + and object-oriented techniques
- Knowledge in geometry appreciated
- Knowledge in CAD / CAM / PLM

Required qualities :
- Self-sufficient and responsible
- Teamwork-friendly

To apply or obtain more information please contact

May 09, 2019

Technical Salesman

About Datakit:
Datakit is a technical data (CAM/CAM) exchange software vendor.
We are recognized internationally since 1994 for our professionalism and the quality of our products, which offer to our customers (software vendors and industrial company) the performance they are looking for.
As part of our development, we are looking for a technical sales profile.

After learning our products, you will be responsible new and existing customers monitoring at the technical and relationship levels, in close collaboration with the management and development teams.
You will demonstrate our tools to our prospects/customers.
You will be in charge of qualifying incoming requests and making appointments.
You will represent our company, alone or accompanied, at trade shows or other events in France and abroad (mainly Europe and USA)

Required profile:
Above all, you justify a strong commercial temperament. Dynamic, persevering and also endowed with a good sense of customer service, you build a quality technical and commercial relationship in the long term.
You have a very good level of English (fluent, technical and business).
You have skills and knowledge in development.
You know how to talk to software professionals and have already worked in this universe.
In addition, you want to engage in the long term in a stable company.
Position to be filled in Lyon.

To apply or obtain more information please contact

Team and careers

Datakit was founded in 1994 by Francis CADIN.

He is a postgraduate mechanical engineer. After his graduation, he decided to spend several years to explore different countries and cultures (Brazil, India, Ivory Coast and French Guyana) where he worked as an engineer and a teacher. In 1986, he came back to France and learned computer engineering. After that, he spent a couple of years working in CAM. He got his first contact with data exchange being hired by the GOSet (former French organization dedicated to the CAD data exchange standard format SET). At that time, he also discovered the STEP format and its huge capability. It was the very beginning of CAD data exchange development and he was enthusiastic to take part in such an adventure. In 1994, he decided to create Datakit, a private company aimed to develop and promote its own CAD data exchange solutions.

In 2015, Francis CADIN reached his retirement age and the company was successfully taken over by its employees. It is now managed as a cooperative by Olivier RIGOLLET, who held the position of CFO since the beginnings of Datakit. The choice of this organization has strengthened the exceptional cohesion that makes the strength of Datakit. During the transfer, the entire team was preserved and new engineers joined the team, proof of a successful transmission.

R&D and technical teams are based in Lyon as well as in Marseille. Most of them come from the university and are postgraduate in computer science.

The skills the company has on board and its ability to listen to customers, propose solutions and document them, go a long way to explaining its success. All the team does its utmost to develop close links with customers, and they seem to appreciate this. Datakit's action must be seen in the long term, especially as it operate on a market where customers are upgrading existing solutions.

A specific team dedicated to data transfer services is able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Most of them are engineering or design departments of manufacturing companies. The team benefits from a long term experience and high skilled range of tools to deliver ready to use translated data and to convert full data base or complex assemblies that demand specific treatment (healing, simplification, export?). This team is located in Lyon.

Sales, marketing and administrative teams are based in Lyon as well as in Floure (near Carcassonne). They are in charge of the relationships with software companies, as well as with the worldwide networks of resellers. They worked very closely with the R&D and technical departments.

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