Datakit releases new version (2021.2) of its 2D/3D CAD file converters with new read/write functionalities

Datakit releases new version (2021.2) of its 2D/3D CAD file converters with new read/write functionalities

April 20, 21

Datakit is a major independent player in CAD/CAM file converter markets.
Constant improvement of its software performance and coverage is key in company’s strategy. Datakit quarterly releases updates of its file converters to efficiently support the latest versions of CAD and BIM software on the market.

Datakit’s update package for the 2nd quarter of 2021 includes SMG read and IFC 3D write functionalities. It also incorporates enhanced versions of its CATIA V5, JT, PARASOLID and NX readers. Additionally, the new Datakit readers now supports REVIT textures, and can process weld solid CREO functionalities.

Datakit’s SMG reader Libs and software are now available

SMG is the native format for CATIA Composer and SOLIDWORKS Composer (previously 3DVIA Composer) technical documentation software.

Datakit libs can now read versions 3.6 to 7.x of SMG format, including geometry and textures.

CrossManager, Datakit’s all in one converting solution for end-users, is also updated to convert versions 3.6 to 7.x of SMG format to a dozen of other formats for CAD end-users.

BIM : Datakit API supports IFC files read and write

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format is an object-oriented file format intended to ensure interoperability between different digital mockup software. It is a free and open format which is meant to be the guarantor of an "open” BIM.

The Datakit SDK adds a IFC 3D Write lib to the existing IFC 3D Read library. Datakit can now write IFC 2x3, with mesh geometry, and name, color, metadata attributes.

Bidirectional conversion of IFC files is now supported by the Datakit API.

Upgrade of Datakit CATIA V5 reader, Datakit JT reader, Datakit PARASOLID reader, and Datakit NX reader

Datakit regularly upgrades its CAD file converters to remain compatible with the latest versions of CAD software.

The Datakit 2021.2 release includes upgraded readers for CATIA V5-6R2021 (R31), JT up to 10.6, PARASOLID up to 33.1, and NX up to 1961 series.

Datakit CAD file readers now support new Revit and PTC Creo features

All CAD software have their own specific features. As often as possible Datakit SDK converts those added value features.

The Datakit 2021.2 file exchange SDK can now read Revit 3D materials and textures, and process PTC Creo weld solid feature.

CrossManager, the Datakit all in one CAD converter solution for end-users, is also upgraded

End users, through the CrossManager software, can convert their models using always more combinations.

As of April 20th, 2021, the table of all possible combinations is available here.

Continuous improvements for the entire software line

Version 2021.2 also benefits from the continuous improvement of dozens of CAD interfaces provided by Datakit. They are, in fact, constantly maintained in order to improve their quality and support new entities, while optimizing execution time.

This concerns CrossManager and plug-ins, used by end users and CrossCad/Ware for software vendors integrating Datakit technology.

Datakit offers the possibility of testing its software by registering on its website.