3D PDF Consortium welcomes Datakit

3D PDF Consortium welcomes Datakit

May 06, 15

Leading Data Translation Company Joins Industry Group

The 3D PDF Consortium is proud to announce its latest independent software developer member.

Datakit, a leading provider of data translation and exchange solutions for the CAD/CAM market that provide support of 3D PDF output for dozen of input formats supported by its CrossManager, CrossCad/Plg and CrossCad/Ware product lines. These products are currently shipping and available to end users who want to convert their CAD models to 3D PDF from a variety of CAD formats without the need to have a license of the authoring application present, and to software developers who want to integrate support for 3D PDF output.

Datakit’s support of the work of the Consortium is greatly appreciated, and is a testament to the value they say in supporting our work of moving the relevant ISO standards forward”, says Phil Spreier, the 3DPDF Consortium technical director. “They also support the work of the 3DPDF-IF, the Implementors Forum where developers who are committed to advancing 3DPDF worth with members of the industrial user community to inform the standards development process and the user community on best practices for implementation".

We believe that 3DPDF has gained tremendous momentum in the marketplace, especially with regards to model based enterprise (MBE) initiatives that are becoming increasingly comment in industrial companies of all sizes” says Olivier Rigollet, Datakit CFO. “We believe strongly that the Consortium will help to increase the level of adoption of 3DPDF in our customer base and the market at large”.

Membership in the Consortium now stands at nineteen (19) software developers and industrial end user companies. More announcements are forthcoming as press approvals are granted by the joining members.


About the 3D PDF Consortium

The 3D PDF Consortium is a community of software providers, systems integrators, government agencies, and businesses dedicated to achieving 3D ubiquity by leveraging the PDF platform. Our members look to the 3D PDF Consortium to demonstrate the success of these solutions within the market and promote 3D PDF as a solution to improve business results. The 3D PDF Consortium mission is to promote 3D PDF adoption through demonstrating best practices, providing technical input to the standards process, and generating awareness of the power of 3D-enabled PDF to solve a multitude of communication and collaboration challenges across various industries. For more information on the 3D PDF Consortium, please visit and follow us on Twitter @3DPDFConsortium.