Simplification of the conversion of...

Simplification of the conversion of native CAD to OpenCascade

Simplification of the conversion of native CAD to OpenCascade

June 28, 11

Datakit now provides CAD readers to OpenCascade in a new form, for easier integration, extension, maintenance and use :

  • One unique DLL for all readers
  • Common call form for all formats, actually supported and to come
  • Simple use, easy integration in user application

The previous call forms (specific of each CAD format) are kept unchanged, and new call forms are common to all CADs : querying file type (which CAD), checking if the reader is active for it, performing the conversion to OpenCascade.

Supported data :

  • Parts and assemblies
  • 3D Geometry as BREP solids, surfacic models, wireframe
  • With attributes : name, color, layer...

Maintenance :

These readers rely on the CAD import and export solutions developed by Datakit, it is regularly updated to follow the evolutions of these formats.
They are designed to be ported providing constant quality of result, on various versions of OpenCascade and on various platforms.

Datakit's CAD readers to OpenCascade support these CAD formats :

Solid Edge
UG NX[...]all-to-opencascade/0-22-0.html >>>See all news
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