Onshape uses Datakit for 3D CAD data...

Onshape uses Datakit for 3D CAD data import and export

Onshape uses Datakit for 3D CAD data import and export

April 09, 15

Datakit announces that the recent beta release of Onshape’s revolutionary browser based CAD environment leverages Datakit technology for 3D CAD model interoperability. Onshape has licensed a broad range of import and export formats from Datakit to support the need to get 3D data into and out of Onshape seamlessly.

Finding a 3D translation partner that could provide a solid technology base and work with us on an innovative cloud based distribution model was key.” says John McEleney, CEO of Onshape. “Working with Datakit through their business partner intrinSIM was a straightforward process to meet our technology and business needs.

We are excited that Onshape has chosen Datakit as their interoperability solution.” says Olivier Rigollet, COO of Datakit, “Their innovative approach to CAD offers an exciting path forward for designers and we are proud to play a role in this breakthrough.

Onshape recently announced the beta release of their much awaited browser based CAD and mobile environment. To enable interoperability between their new Cloud offering and traditional CAD systems the Onshape environment leverages CrossCad/Ware from Datakit to provide effective direct translation between these two worlds. These translation capabilities from Datakit are embedded as an integrated part of the Onshape cloud platform.

Effective translation of 3D data into and out of Onshape allows us to work efficiently with existing CAD users as they transition to Onshape,” says Dave Corcoran, VP of research and development at Onshape. “Datakit technology and technical support has enabled us to provide robust translation of 3D data as an integrated part of the Onshape experience. 

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