New NX export plug-in for Rhino

New NX export plug-in for Rhino

March 07, 17

Datakit offers a new NX export plug-in for Rhino. It completes its wide range of interoperability plug-ins for Rhinoceros software.

This new extension allows Rhino users to save their models as .prt files, the native format of Siemens NX software.
The plug-in uses Datakit's writing technology. So users don't need to get a NX license or to install NX to make it works.

This add-on is perfect for Rhino users wishing to exchange their models with NX users. Bidirectional exchanges between these two software are possible by using also the NX import plug-in for Rhino, which has already proved its worth for many years.

Users wishing to try this add-on can register on Datakit website to request a trial license.