Datakit takes part to the LOTAR workgroup

Datakit takes part to the LOTAR workgroup

June 29, 09

Datakit has been invited to join the LOTAR (LOng Term Archiving & Retention) workgroup, to work on the extension of the STEP norm for the needs of long-term CAD data archiving.

The LOTAR was born from the needs to ensure the validity and the continued existence of CAD data on a long-term basis. For projects that would spread on very long periods, CAD data has to be readable and usable, even decades after their creation.

From this point of view, the STEP standard seems the most appropriate solution, for it meets these needs, whatever software or machine are used.

Datakit's high implication in this area (especially by its part taking in forums such as the CAx-IF), and its competences in a matter of CAD data exchange, have convinced the LOTAR of the advantage of including Datakit in their work.