Datakit participates in LOTAR works on STEP AP242

Datakit participates in LOTAR works on STEP AP242

October 06, 11

LOTAR & CAX-IF - Charleston , SC - USA

 Datakit has participated in the LOTAR work shop and the CAX-IF meeting, on 26-28th of September 2011.

 Works were mostly focused on AP242 : schedule, domains to be addressed for Edition 1 and for Edition 2 of AP242.
Some topics require a particular attention, being of strategic interest and needed for availability as soonest with the best possible level of functionality.

Datakit participates in CAX-IF forum as well as in prospective work groups, in particular on semantic PMI, on visualization (performant tessellation), on descriptions of assemblies (detailed references between items of different models which are part of an assembly) : by proposals, prototyping, interopérability tests.

In order to propose in time a STEP solution providing the best coverage, based on AP242.