Datakit, Inc. is born !

Datakit, Inc. is born !

June 01, 06

The US subsidiary of Datakit is based at Santa Barbara, California and is managed by Francis Cadin, who recently moved to the States to take care of the business. The sheer size of the American market and the interest expressed by the vendor community in Datakit's technology are of course the two main reasons for the move.
A strong presence on the North American continent naturally makes it easier to talk to the players on the US market and generate new leads.

Francis Cadin explains: "each time we crossed the Atlantic we realised the impact of having a direct contact with the American software vendors. We came to the conclusion that to get to know their needs and showcase our product portfolio more effectively we had to take a new step forward. More and more vendors are willing to integrate our know-how into their products, leaving them free to focus on their core business. However, to bring them the full value of our know-how in data exchange we needed to spend more time with them and foster a deeper relationship.
I felt that I personally had to move to the States to build a strong communication channel with our main customers, the software developers, heighten Datakit's visibility, and deliver better support to our customers."

At the same time, we are consolidating in France. Four people have just joined the development teams. This will bolster our execution of Datakit's commitments in terms of new developments (the ability to read functionalities that are specific to customer applications or support additional formats), and also monitor customer quality.
Datakit currently employs 23 people including 17 in R&D.