Datakit expands its range of data exchange solutions with a new converter dedicated to NavisWorks

Datakit expands its range of data exchange solutions with a new converter dedicated to NavisWorks

March 28, 23

This converter allows you to import a project designed with NavisWorks either to view it or to rely on its data to go further in the operational management of a building, a factory or any other study currently being done.

It meets the needs of construction professionals to carry out dimensioning computations and determine the best possible construction method and generally all stakeholders who wish to monitor a project. 

According to Datakit, NavisWorks underlines the path of interoperability across design, BIM and project management it has always defended since its creation in 1994.

With its converter, you will import a NavisWorks project to view it in your available software. You will retrieve a complete scene in an instant and be able to leverage design data, geometry, colours and textures, as well as components (with their exact placements in the project) and the appropriate units of measurement regardless of the origin of the project. All of this, without requiring a NavisWorks license.

The converter also takes into account the way NavisWorks manages compression and respects instantiation and tessellation features. 

Thus, Datakit completes its range of data converters dedicated to Autodesk software solutions with a native NavisWorks data reading tool and further strengthens its presence as an interoperability facilitator with BIM professionals and their partners. 

Datakit has been offering converters for Autodesk REVIT BIM software or the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format for several years and guarantees compatibility with the latest versions of software products but also with their previous versions. 

Version V2023.2 of Datakit converters is scheduled to be delivered at the beginning of April, it will include performance optimizations, particularly for these two BIM formats.