Datakit brings a new dimension to the 9.0...

Datakit brings a new dimension to the 9.0 solutions from Rasterex

Datakit brings a new dimension to the 9.0 solutions from Rasterex

June 01, 07

The Norwegian company Rasterex is one of the main players on the image processing market, offering solutions for visualisation, raster editing and raster-to-vector drawing conversion.

Founded in Oslo in 1985, Rasterex ( started up with development of powerful graphic boards that were indispensable twenty years ago for running technical applications on PCs. The company rapidly gained recognition, and in 1990 started to take an interest in the development of software for the technical industry, and was soon offering solutions for editing 2D drawings and raster to vector conversions. With years of experience in the processing of drawings, allied with a comprehensive knowledge of the Autocad data format, the company became a specialist in interpretation and processing of different data types. In 1993, they released the first version of their viewing tools.


Rasterex owes its competitive difference to a robust core, and the flexibility of its team and its large dealer network. Today it targets the collaborative viewing market, offering users a multi-format viewer (supporting more than 250 formats) that greatly facilitates project collaboration.
Its customers are mainly architects, design and engineering offices, and software vendors who integrate Rasterex technology into their products. Project or document management systems, including archiving, ERP software, and CRM have been among the first to adopt this technology. Ultimately each user can access any file type to view and print it, add comments, redlines and markup elements, take measurements on the drawing, extract attributes, zoom in and select a face and find out what changes have been made to a project.

Per Christian Lindstad, CEO of Rasterex says: "two examples of how our technology is used give an idea of its value".

Hydro is one of the world's leading suppliers of energy and aluminium, with 33,000 employees in nearly 40 countries. Hydro has since 1999 had a site license agreement with Rasterex for enterprise-wide viewing and printing. All 33000 PCs at Hydro world wide are equipped with a seat of RxHighlight for universal viewing and printing. They also use RxHighlight for communication with external team members in their many operational processes.

Meridian Project System, leader in its field, has developed its own viewer based on Rasterex technology".


Rasterex recently launched its latest version, RxView & RxHighlight 9.0, with a strong focus on the integration of new 3D readers. The 3D readers supplied with the software give the users access to all the available functionalities to view and share 3D models. Per Christian Lindstad explains: "In fact, we don't really need data exchange. What we need are tools that let our users access and view data quickly - in 3D too. These converters play a key role in delivering efficient service. With Datakit, we now have the guarantee that we have integrated know-how we can really rely on."

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