Datakit announces release 2023.1 of its converters

Datakit announces release 2023.1 of its converters

January 16, 23

As a player in interoperability from the outset in 1996, Datakit is again strengthening its presence on the 3D engineering market with a new conversion tool for the F3D format.

As a result, designers and manufacturers using Fusion 360™, the cloud-based 3D software platform by Autodesk, will be able to convert geometrical and topologic data and to easily share their files among all their professional partners.

This 2023.1 release includes the ability to share files designed with lastest 2023 versions of Catia V6™/3D Experience™, SolidEdge™, as well as SolidWorks™ 2D, 3D. Furthermore, it offers users the possibility to read and write STEP AP242 E3 files.
That way, it brings teams together and eases collaboration between design offices, particularly for the design of complex assemblies and their drawings. 

On the BIM side, Datakit continues its commitment to the construction industry by improving its tool to write IFC4 files (Brep geometry, tessellation) and to read those of 2016 to 2023 Naviswork® releases.  V2023.1 also includes advances to meet the needs or requests of clients, either software editors or technical offices of parts or assemblies designers or makers.