Datakit among the players at MBx Interoperability Forum

Datakit among the players at MBx Interoperability Forum

December 06, 22

Datakit has been active in the STEP community for decades. It was and is a significant player in the definition of STEP AP242.

Datakit is a member from start of CAx-IF, PDM-IF, EWIS-IF now MBx-IF and participates in LOTAR works (implementation, expertise and pilots) as an expert of CAD Data converters. The company is also a member of AFNet as well as Prostep ivip.

3 experts of the R&D service of Datakit recently took part at the last MBx Interoperability Forum from Nov 28 to Dec 2, 2022: focused on starting the next CAx-IF test round (TR51).

Datakit standardisation Team

Christian Caillet, senior developer at Datakit, provides advice and guidelines to younger software developers Laure Bedu and Frédéric Pedrinis. He used to take part to the forum for long and is considered as one of the experienced players of the implementor rounds.

Laure graduated as an engineer's degree in computer science from ENSIIE (École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise) and then was hired by Datakit 2 years ago. She first took part on the REVIT translator developments for building and yet works close to Christian to enhance STEP interface. She got the opportunity to be at Charleston for the last “on site” forum and participated on line to the last forum. “New models allow our team to review and challenge the latest achievements of datakit’s STEP translator”, she said. Throughout native models we check out the number of PMI, and verify the proficiency of the results especially for properties available within the graphic and the semantic representations at both parts and assemblies levels.”

Frédéric joined Datakit 5 years ago after a Master’s Degrees in Computer science and communication networks in addition to a Master’s Degrees of computing and gaming (Gamagora), then a PhD conducted at the « Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d’information » (LIRIS), a joined research unit backed by the CNRS, INSA Lyon, University Claude Bernard Lyon, University Lumière and École Centrale de Lyon about semantic linked to geometric model.
He developed IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) converter at Datakit as well as STEP.

Datakit, key contributor to 3D interoperability:

Datakit was founded in 1994 to develop and promote CAD data exchange solutions and has grown into a world-leading supplier of CAD data exchange technologies used by major software vendors worldwide. As an independent company from any third party components or limitations of API, the company offers access to data from various CAD formats native or standard.

Interoperability Forum accelerates translator development:

Interoperability Forum is a joint testing effort between AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip. The objective of the forum is to accelerate MBx translator development and ensure that users' requirements are satisfied. It is an approach to establish a common test activity in the CAD and CAE areas by merging AFNeT's, PDES, Inc.'s STEPnet and prostep ivip's RoundTable activities in this area. Its goals are to consider users' needs, establish common approaches for interoperability, increase user confidence.

LOTAR international to standardise data exchange mechanisms:

LOTAR International is a major project being conducted by leading OEMs, suppliers, and solution providers in the aerospace and defence industry, striving to develop global standard-based archival and retrieval mechanisms for digital product and technical information.