All CAD converters in one Rhino Plug-in. Datakit now offers two bundles

All CAD converters in one Rhino Plug-in. Datakit now offers two bundles

January 22, 09

  • A large choice of CAD file exchange solutions available on the designer’s PC
  • Simple “all-in-one” installation
  • More competitive pricing
  • Clearer presentation of the Datakit offering for the Rhino community

Designers who use Rhino 4.0 can now directly purchase an import and/or export “all-in-One” bundle of CAD data exchange solution. Pricing is very comparable with that of converter purchased on a per unit basis. (Maintenance is obligatory to guarantee flawless compatibility with all CAD software upgrades that are brought to the market. Fees are about 20% of the prices).

The import bundle includes 9 solutions for reading native or neutral files from Acis, Catia V4Catia V5, Inventor, JT, NX, Parasolid, Pro-E or SolidEdge into Rhino 4.0.

The export bundle enables Rhino 4.0 to writing Catia V4 and/or V5 files.

These converters are perfect complements of the standard Rhino 4.0 functionalities. They support part and assembly files (i.e. including instances), geometry, wireframe and meshes and also topology.

Because they make Datakit’s data exchange offering more accessible these bundles are fully endorsed by McNeel.

Remy Ratanat, account manager at Datakit explains: “one of the things that we took away from our recent meeting with Bob McNeel and his team in Barcelona was the need to streamline our offering and present it as the Rhinoceros ‘data exchange’ module. To make things easier for users, we decided to implement a single installation procedure for the two bundles. We hope the offering will be really popular.”

Olivier Rigollet, in charge of the management of the network of resellers and current contact of Datakit’s partners adds: “our converters enable stylists, creators, architects, designers … who use Rhino 4.0 to reread and export files without having to have the same software as the design office, because these tools are not what they need to express their ideas. However, they may have to get a part from an assembly. Our functions let them view an assembly before they load it, and, with just one click, select a part that is of particular interest to them and import it. This enables them to focus on their core job without having to worry about how they are going to get hold of the models.”

Official resellers or non official representatives of Datakit are going to find detailed information about Datakit’s Rhino bundles on this page :