A complete process for data exchange...

A complete process for data exchange solutions

A complete process for data exchange solutions

November 01, 07

Datakit has acquired the data transfer business of the company Ingetech and will now be distributing the CADIQ, CADfix, and DEXcenter products from ITI TranscenData.

CadIQ* is a quality evaluation and model comparison software,

Cadfix* repairs and corrects CAD data

DEXcenter* is a utility that automates a range of tasks in the data exchange process

The services and solutions offered by Datakit are designed for major manufacturers, their first-tier suppliers and indeed all players in the supply chain who have a stake in engineering data quality and integrity. Users are particularly concerned with the ability to effectively receive part files and complete assemblies, supply them to their partners, check the quality of incoming models, reliably and automatically demonstrate compliance with design specifications, and implementing long-term solutions for data archiving.


Two consultants from Ingetech, specialised in CAD data processing, have joined Datakit to help provide the data exchange services expected by customers, and practical end user support for the product solutions. Both specialists are based in the Paris region, have considerable data exchange experience and knowledge of a wide range of CAD/CAM/CAE software applications.

Samad Elboustini, head of the R&D department at Datakit, comments “In this field, you not only have to understand the specific process that is required, but also know how to attain the level of data quality that is expected by the customer. Both consultants, now working for Datakit, are well versed in the workings of a wide range of CAD packages. This background and their expertise in transferring, repairing and simplifying data, is a major asset for us in delivering customer satisfaction”. Their loyalty speaks volumes for the trust their team enjoys and the value of their approach.

For Francis Cadin, CEO of Datakit, this offering has the advantage of perfectly filling out the range of interface solutions, stand-alone converters, plug-ins and components available to software developers. It enhances Datakit’s position on the industrial market with a global response to company needs for interoperability: interfaces, services and software for data migration and correction. Datakit consequently reinforces its capability in a niche in which it is already a player.

For Alain Morand, CEO of Ingetech, the sale of the Ingetech data exchange business means that he can now refocus on the design engineering business sector. As Morand explains: “Our business dovetailed perfectly with Datakit, hence our decision to work more closely with Francis Cadin. We have been working along parallel paths and have robust experience in this field. This made the approach work easier and guarantees perfect continuity in the services delivered to our customers.”

* Cadfix, CadiQ and DEXcenter are developed by the company ITI Transcendata.

More about ITI Transcendata : http://www.transcendata.com

More about Ingetech : http://www.ingetech.fr

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