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Stand Alone Software : Imports and exports CAD formats without licenses of CAD softwares.
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  CrossManager Download CrossManagerDownload See more
Parasolid 3D to 3ds Max
Plug-in integrated into 3ds Max
Imports Parasolid, Exports 3ds Max
Buy [1000€]
Buy with 1 year maintenance [1200€]
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  Plug-in 3ds Max See more
Parasolid 3D to Open CASCADE
Plug-in integrated into Open CASCADE
Imports Parasolid, Exports Open CASCADE
Photo of Open CASCADE
  Plug-in Open CASCADE Download Parasolid 3D to Open CASCADEDownload See more
Parasolid 3D to Rhino
Plug-in integrated into Rhino
Imports Parasolid, Exports Rhino
Buy [1200€]
Buy with 1 year maintenance [1380€]
Photo of Rhino
  Plug-in Rhino Download Parasolid 3D to RhinoDownload See more
Parasolid 3D to ThinkDesign
Plug-in integrated into ThinkDesign
Imports Parasolid, Exports ThinkDesign
Photo of ThinkDesign
  Plug-in ThinkDesign Download Parasolid 3D to ThinkDesignDownload See more
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