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Creo View 3D to Rhino


Plug-in Rhino Version : 2023.4
Update date : 2023-09-29
OS : Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 (64 bits)

- Enables accurate and convenient CAD data transfer of Creo View files in Rhinoceros software.
- Does NOT require a CreoView license.
- Transfers ALL 3D data.
- Imports *.ol, *.ed, *.edz, *.pvs, *.pvz files.

This download will install the complete range of CAD Data import solutions dedicated to Rhino.
However, you need a license for each desired import. You can ask for a license on this page.

Benefit from the special pricing of our bundle! (packages of all our CAD Data import solutions for Rhino)


(Creo View : MCAD to, Express 4 to 8 ) (Rhino: 5(64bits) to 7)

Creo View 3D to Rhino mapping
Module Type Input Output Remarks
Assembly Assembly Assembly CRhinoInstanceObject
Attributes Attribute Color Color
Unite Unite
Parameters/Meta Properties File Properties In progress
Geometry Topology Body Body
Wireframe Polyline Nurbs
Mesh FacettedBody Mesh Mesh
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