51eme Forum Cax Interoperability

51eme Forum Cax Interoperability

11 Avril 2023

A few days ago, Datakit experts have taken part in the LOTAR/MBX-IF session in Toulouse including Cax Interoperability Forum in order to submit the recent evolutions of their read and write translators dedicated to the AP242 STEP format. Datakit converters support from small to big 3D models (geometry, BREP, tessellation, graphical attributes, PMI as graphic & semantic, views, user defined attributes), as well as assemblies.

During the forum, general discussions have concerned global improvements related to STEP. Specific talks focused on the general management of multi-files exchanges with external elements references.

In addition, Datakit experts have also discussed about STEP XML, in particular about kinematics and PMI in assemblies. They successfully showcased a pilot related to PMI.

The forum and the exchanges with experts being there confirmed the quality of the work achieved by our team and encouraged them to continue STEP translator improvements.

Next forums will be at first a virtual one in June, then, on site in Phoenix AZ, USA at the end of September, combined with the GPDIS event.

Datakit is committed in the support of STEP for many years and a continuing member of MBX-IF and Lotar group, a project being conducted for Standardization by PDES, Inc. AFNet and the prostep ivip association, by leading OEMs, suppliers, and solution providers in the aerospace & defense industry under the joint auspices of Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA), the AeroSpace & Defense Industries Association of Europe, the ASD-STAN.