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Plug-in Open CASCADE Version : 2023.4
Update date : 2023-09-29

- Enables accurate and convenient 3D CAD data transfer from CatiaV5 to OpenCascade.
- Does NOT require a license of CatiaV5.
- Provides a function to be called (C++) in an OpenCascade based application.
- Converts CAD files :*.CATProduct, *.CATPart.
- Gets solid, surfacic, wireframe models, assemblies of them.
- Access to graphic attributes (colors, layers, visibility) and names of items.

By downloading this product, you will install CrossManager, in order to test easily our OpenCASCADE converters. After your tests, we will give you access to our import libraries for OpenCASCADE.


(CATIA V5: R10 to V5-6R2023 (R33)) (Open CASCADE: 6.2.0 to 7.6.0)

CATIA V5 3D to Open CASCADE mapping
Module Type Input Output Remarks
Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly
Attributes Attribute Color Color
Color Translucency
Layer Layer
Name Name
Visibility Visibility
Geometry Other Axis placement Axis placement
Surface Bspline Surface Bspline Surface
Cone Cone
Cylinder Cylinder
Face Face
Fillet Nurbs Surface
Linear Extrusion Linear Extrusion
Non Linear Transfo Surface Nurbs Surface
Nurbs Surface Nurbs Surface
Offset Surface Offset Surface
Plane Plane
Revolution Revolution
Ruled Nurbs Surface
Sphere Sphere
Surface Surface
Toroidal Toroidal
Topology Body Body
CoEdge Edge
Edge Edge
Face Face
Loop Loop
Shell Shell
Skin Skin
Solid Solid
Vertex Vertex
Volume Volume
Wireframe Circle Circle
Curve Curve
Ellipse Ellipse
Helix Nurbs
Hyperbola Hyperbola
Line Line
Nurbs Nurbs
Parabola Parabola
Parametric Curve Curve
Point Point
Set of points Set of points
Spiral Nurbs
Spline Spline
PMI Dimension Cumulated Dimension Dimension
Curve Linear Dimension Dimension
Simple Dimension Dimension
Stacked Dimension Dimension
Tolerancing Datum Target Datum Target
Geometrical Tolerance Geometrical Tolerance
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