VB2S integrates Datakit's native Catia V4...

VB2S integrates Datakit's native Catia V4 and V5 converters, consolidating the positioning of its Subdo software for the creation of 3D presentations for the industrial market

VB2S integrates Datakit's native Catia V4 and V5 converters, consolidating the positioning of its Subdo software for the creation of 3D presentations for the industrial market

January 01, 07 by Datakit

The company's founders were sensitive to the needs of companies in many fields who were reluctant to use complex IT and animation tools, and set out to develop an accessible 3D communication solution that companies could use to make their own interactive 3D presentations.

Users of their Subdo software have a real-time creative tool, that makes their design the centrepiece of the presentation in an interactive demonstration of its operation and characteristics. Users need no special knowledge of IT, and can import the object's native file, create a scenario and animate it to produce an interactive presentation showing how the design works. Once the interactive 3D presentation has been completed, all that remains is to run it. With just one click users can access and select from a wide range of media: Web, PDF 3D, or video.

Subdo is positioned at the intersection of the fields of display, animation and collaboration.
In the industrial domain, it is of particular interest to all services responsible for product-related communication and for whom a solution for getting a real close-up impression of a design that is not necessarily easy to explain on paper. It is ideal not only for the design office but also for the marketing and maintenance departments.


Datakit's Catia V4 and V5 interfaces are the last piece of the puzzle in VB2S' offering in the world of industry. Bruno Vanhove, CEO of VB2S said: “to persuade some makers of consumer goods and appliances who were interested in Subdo, we needed to provide them with a way of working directly on native files produced by their CAD software (SolidWorks, SolidEdge) for which we have developed our own solutions, and also Catia V4 and V5. This is a technical environment in which guaranteed data integrity is an imperative. With Subdo and our native interfaces, we offer a solution that cuts out intermediary steps. This is a considerable advantage. We are also aware that transferring data from one software to another is a profession in itself, and it is in our best interest to cooperate with a specialist, so that we can focus on our core business. So we decided to integrate third-party technology and opted for Datakit whose products for Catia V4 and Catia V5 have been easy to integrate. The native data is transformed into high-quality faceted files which provide users with a working basis for defining 3D presentations needed to communicate with their environment.

The integration of these converters is a first step. Depending on how demand evolves, VB2S knows that it has the support of Datakit to rapidly implement UG, Pro-E, Inventor converters... This opening is an asset for VB2S whose contacts in different sectors of industry require the ability to read data flawlessly.”

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